10 Questions about waxing you were too afraid to ask | VK Skin SPA, BROOKLYN NY

10 Questions about waxing you were too afraid to ask

10 Questions about waxing you were too afraid to ask|Beauty>Hair Removal
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Body waxing is one of the procedures that evoke most questions. At the same time, it is one of the most popular procedures among ladies dreaming of silky skin. Today we are here to answer the most worrying questions.

#1 Will it make the hair grow thicker?
No, it will not. The reason for such a common myth is that the hair is not always plucked out with the root. Sometimes it may be broken below the skin surface, creating sharp edges. Thus, the new hair grows with these rough edges and it may make it look thicker than usual. In fact, frequent waxing will make the hair thinner with time, even though it won’t eliminate it completely.

#2 Is it painful?
The painfulness of the procedure is a personal characteristic. Most of our clients admit that it is less painful than other popular methods of hair removal, such as epilating and tweezing. In general, it depends on the individual pain tolerance, place of the waxing and the professional performing the procedure.

#3 Is it possible to use the same applicator twice?
It is a widespread belief that as far as wax is hot, it can kill any bacteria, so the same applicator may be used several times. Still, double-dipping is dangerous. You don’t want to get any bacteria from the previous client, do you? In fact, it won’t be pleasant to know that the same applicator was used at first for someone’s intimate area and then for your face waxing.

#4 How long will it last?
Another widespread myth is that if the result doesn’t last long, you’ve chosen the wrong salon. The truth is that the speed of hair growth depends on various factors, including the season, the place of epilation, growth cycles, genetics and even your gender.

#5 Will I get burned?
The truth is, the wax can get overheated because of the technical reasons. The matter is that most machines for heating wax don’t have regulators and even those which have do not give 100% control. But it’s not about VK Skin SPA! Our specialists will treat your skin with the utmost discretion!

#6 Is it easy to wax at home?
Lots of women prefer to save money on waxing and perform such procedures themselves at home. The saving point is real by no means. Yet the main difference between you and the professional is that the process will take much less time when done by the specialist. What is more, it is impossible to wax all the areas on your own perfectly.

#7 Is wax suitable for eyebrow shaping?
There is no reason to deny that waxing is the great method for shaping excellent eyebrows. Ready to try that out? Our professionals are waiting for you!

#8 Does it damage the skin?
During the waxing procedure, the skin may become slightly red, especially in those places with thick hair. It’s the normal reaction of the skin surface to the application of hot substances and epilating. If the procedure is performed by the specialist, there is no real harm for the skin.

#9 How long the aftereffect will last?
It is okay if your skin will react to the procedure. Depending on the type of skin and place of the epilation, the reaction may vary from pale pink to all red. Keep in mind that if you have waxed the underarms areas, it’s better to wait 24 hours before applying antiperspirant.

#10 Can I wax on the day of a special occasion?
If it’s not your first waxing, your skin is not too sensitive, and you are sure there will be no redness, you may try to. Still, we strongly recommend doing waxing at least one or two days before your special day, so that there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Well, it seems as if we have discussed all the questions. If you have more, we are ready to answer your call!

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